Infant Area

Ages: Newborn to 16 months. At Dawning Years Academy, your infant will have a full day of learning, playing, and socializing to help them grow in every way.

Two Year Olds Class

 Ages: 25 months to 37 months. As they develop their curiosity drives them to explore. We help them develop through singing reciting rhymes. Expanding imagination through stories and play. Expanding vocabulary with new subjects and objects.

Before & After School Care

We take children to school that are dropped of early at the center. We pick up after school. We provide snacks. We allow time for homework and provide a safe and nurturing environment for social interaction. 

We provide full day care when public schools have school holidays and we provide care for early dismissal days.

Transitional Area

Ages: 16 months to 25 months. As they grow they develop friendships, self-esteem, and curiosity. We help them explore in a safe and nurturing environment. We help them adjust to transitions between activities. Each day is filled with activities that develop comfort and confidence to be world ready.

Preschool Class

Ages: Three and older, full day. We concentrate on getting them school-ready by teaching counting, grouping, sorting and associating. Being ready for life by teaching social and vocabulary skills. Including cooperative play, imaginary thinking, collaborative and critical-thinking skills.